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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Parry's Visit and Our Trip
to the Farm

Parry came to visit and we had a great time! We spent a lot of time with Crissy, Kevin, Aubrey and Connor. Aubrey loved Josh's beard, too bad it didn't last long. When Josh turned the beard into a handlebar mustache I told him to shave it:)

We drove up to Idaho on Saturday to celebrate Grandpa Dixon's 93rd birthday.
We stopped at the Snake River Canyon right outside of Twin Falls.

Grandpa was excited to have some company. We made him a gourmet feast for lunch. Josh made his famous mango salmon! It was quite tasty. We also enjoyed apple cake for dessert, a Dixon family favorite.
It was a great day at the farm! Even the road trip in the van was fun:)

Sunday was Connor's baby blessing. Parry did the honors. It was fun having him around, we wish he could visit more often.



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