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Friday, January 04, 2008


Are “COPS” Good or Bad? I have some major issues with “COPS” I believe it much deeper than the “COPS” themselves. Maybe I have had to many run-ins with “Bad COPS”, but far too many people have similar horror stories. When law enforcement agencies have a motto to protect and serve I believe they should try to stick to that statement. Far too often it seems “COPS” are just tax collectors, on steroids along with the rage, for their local towns and or cities. Like Nottingham, sometimes I feel like I should be like Robin hood and try to push some legislation regulating these issues. I am not an anarchist at all. I believe we need law enforcement and protection from those whose seek to inflict their ill will on others. However, what needs to be done to keep local governments in check from pillaging their people? I don’t know. I could write about this for days with all my ideas. Recently when there was an insanely drunk man in the Bank I work at making obscene comments and threats it took the “COPS” 40 min. to get here and the man was long gone. A few days ago a homeless man wrote a bad check and 6 “COPS” were here in the blink of an eye. Below are the pictures of the “COPS” they were reading our bank magazines playing video games on their phones and one female “COP” was berating the Perpetrator and seemed more uneducated and unrealistic than the perpetrator. Let me know your thoughts.



Blogger Tucker said...

This article was hilarious Josh! You should be a writer.
I could also add some stories about bad cops. I have had more than a couple bad experiences with cops who had no business being cops. Deep down I think that most cops are good public servants but there are definitely some bad ones. I think that cops have jobs that are extremely stressful. They go to work every morning not knowing if they are going to return home safely or not. Every day they see the worst of humanity and society. Over time, that has to change a person in a negative way.

8:13 AM  
Blogger yoohoo said...

cops. they do some good. but sometimes they dont do good. sometimes they do bad. when they do bad they be bad. when they be bad i dont think they be good.

10:05 PM  

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